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FGG Ministries"
Artwork can be used by your ministry just make
sure you ask the Bemis' first.
1. The Lord gave Dr. Bemis a visitation one
night and he interviewed a baby in the womb
2. My Grace is Sufficient by Dr. Duane Bemis
Dr. Bemis preaching and you will find 1 audio files and 5
Sermons with drawings in pdf. file formate.
3. The Gospel on Baptism by Dr. Bemis
4. The Cost of Ministry by Dr. Bemis
5. Scriptural Hell by Dr. Bemis
The official website of "For God's Glory Ministries" founders Drs. Duane &
Darilyn Bemis. FGGM was formed in 1993 and then licensed and ordained in
1996. Also in 1996 FGGM became a 501-C3 Non-profit organization. FGGM
Began in Lompoc, California and in 2002 the Bemis' moved to the State of
Texas. In May of 2003 the Bemis found themselves reaching the nations. The
Bemis' have disciples scattered all over the World. Disciples are in Mexico,
Africa, Columbia, Peru, Jamaica, Honduras, El Salvador, Ghana Africa, and
many more. Within these men of God, transformed by the Lord Himself is 10
prison ministries, drug rehabilitation center, and one former inmate and his
wife are youth Pastors in Oregon. FGGM's in 2008 brought a Resource
Center of Texas University of Theological Studies to West, Texas area.
Students are located in Arizona, Louisiana, Texas, and Mexico. 2015-2016
FGGM is influencing 17 pastors in Mexico.
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