Twice Broken Once Healed
Read testimonies from those who are going through the
Biblical emotional healing workbook. Drs. Duane and Darilyn
want the body of Christ to be encouraged and to learn how
to face their personal demons. Only when we face our
demons will the future be filled with victory and hope.
From Andrea in Texas:

The Twice Broken Once Healed
book has helped me have a better
understanding of my spiritual
walk. As I journey through this
book, prayer has helped me to
truly answer the questions at the
end of each chapter. My favorite
chapter is "The Pure in Heart,"
Chapter three. In this chapter I
memorized a scripture almost at
an instant. Blessed are the pure in
heart for they shall see God.
Mathew 5:8.   God showed me
that he is concerned with the
condition of my heart. The most
vital and  important  step I have
ever taken after salvation was to
allow God to search my heart.
Issues are being destroyed,
unclean thoughts and memories
including pornography that
amazes me the most, all gone. I
had no idea of all the garbage that
had kept me from seeing and
hearing God, until I completed this
chapter. The condition of the
heart determines the real man or
woman. Search me, O God  and
know my heart, Try me and know
my anxieties, And see if there is
any wicked way in me, and lead
me in the way of everlasting. I am
healing and God's power is still
setting me free as I truly repent he
is directing my steps. God has
taught me it is all about change,
it's all about cleaning my heart. I
have spent more time with God as
I complete my homework
assignments and meet for school
monthly, I am falling deeper in
love with my creator.
Thank you for your guidance and
Dr. Duane and Darilyn
Mary A. of Big Spring Texas:
Chapter of Twice Broken Once
Healed: 3 The Pure In Heart
Which Drawing touched your
heart: page 23 Jesus set me
free. When I opened the book I
started to cry I said to my self,
"How am I going to do this." I
kept going back and forth in my
kitchen." I asked  God to help me
l heard God tell me to sit down
so I can show you. I read three
chaper's of this book and God
has start a healing process in
me to prepare me for His Glory I
hope this testimony will help you.
For God is pure love.  Try Jesus,
He will never leave you. As for
me I am being wash with is bood.
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Capitulo 3 Los Limpios de Corazon

Un joven entre dentro del agua
Para poder escuchar la voz de
Dios primero tenemos que limpiar
nuestros corasonez abeses
nosotros no sabemos porque Dios
no nos escucha es porque el
corazon no esta limpio y cremos
que Dios es el problema. No
debemos jusgar a otros sino
primero buscar detalladamente en
nuestros propios corazones.Si
nuestros corazonez estan como los
del rey David debemos de
arodillarnos y pedirl la misiricordia
de Dios.  

Chapter 14 "Fill The House"

John 14:26-But the Helper, the Holy
Spirit, whom the Father will send in
my name, He will teach you all things
and bring to your remembrance all
things I said to you. I am so glad that
The Bemis' came into my life. Brother
and sister Bemis have blessed me
fully. The book ministered to me on a
daily basis. When I was going through
something in my life, this book would
give me the answer to my problem it
would minister to me and I would start
crying and right where you are at.
God has so much more for you and I,
the decision relies upon us; the power
point is found in whether you and I
activate God in His fullness within our
hearts. God set me free from alcohol
and other sins and of so much
dysfunction, that I am forever grateful
to Him. I am hungry for more of God
and He has put anointed people in my
life, His saints, who take the time and
use their gifts to help others,  may the
Lord continue to use and bless them
in a mighty way!
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Confronting Goliath
Page 117

Being the first inmate to go through
this workbook and knowing first hand
the authors and the content, I am very
careful who I share this with. For me
this is one of the best tools for God to
use for the person who recognizes
their desperate need for Jesus to set
them free, but might not know how to
access Him in their own walk. This
workbook is full of meat in the word of
God and if applied properly through
The Holy Spirit, will bring anyone who
is willing to submit to God, to their
knees. This workbook will cause you
to pray like never before, memorize
scripture, and examine your own
heart, and finally take responsibility for
your actions.

As Bemis would put it "Confronting
Goliath," I pray and counsel people
first to try and discern where they are
at with the Lord to hopefully determine
whether or not this is for them. Once I
hear God then I make it available to
them and explain what it is and what it
isn't. This book is for people with deep
rooted issues that they have not been
able to simply trust Jesus to cleanse
them from and just need some help on
their journey to get to the place of total
surrender. And I for one believe if
anyone commits themselves to Christ
and will stay the course to finish this
book, by the grace of God through the
blood and Spirit of Jesus Christ, will
be changed and set free for life!