The time has come to jump off of your merry-go-round of dysfunction. Why keep going around in circles, and then
ending up in the same place a few years later? We don’t care what the name of your carousel is. There is help for
you in this literary work. So what is the name or names of your personal merry-go-round? Is it:
        Divorce      
        Abuse
        Grief
        Pain
        Rape
        Rejection
        Horrific Flashbacks
        Broken relationships
        Haunting War Images
        Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
Within the pages of this book you will find a narrow road away from the corner of Trauma and Wreckage. Are you
ready? Are you man or woman enough to tackle your own heart and find the biblical prescription to complete
emotional healing? By making a $25.00 donation to FGGM you help us continue washing the Bride of Christ with
the Word of God.
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The official website of "For God's Glory Ministries" founders Drs. Duane & Darilyn Bemis. FGGM was formed in 1993 and
then licensed and ordained in 1996. Also in 1996 FGGM became a 501-C3 Non-profit organization that same year. FGGM
Began in Lompoc, California and in 2002 the Bemis' moved to the State of Texas. In May of 2003 Duane became the
Senior Chaplain over 4 different prisons and began reaching the nations at that time. The Bemis' have disciples scattered
all over the World. Disciples are in Mexico, Nigeria Africa, Columbia, Peru, Jamaica, Honduras, El Salvador, Gianna
Africa, and many more. Within these men of God, transformed by the Lord Himself is 10 prison ministries in different
countries, drug rehabilitation centers, and one former inmate and his wife are running an orphanage in Piedras Negras,
Mexico. FGGM's in 2008 brought a Resource Center,Texas University of Theology, to West, Texas   
Twice Broken Once Healed, the Bemis' first workbook. In 2007 the Bemis' published
this Biblical life recovery workbook. The book is a biblical approach to emotional
cleansing and healing for today's saints. The book will help you recover your joy, your
peace and your love for others again. Many Christian's have been through many
dysfunctional issues, with the likes of divorce, abuse, molestation, death of a loved
one, post combat flashbacks and more. Here is a Biblical based program that helps
the reader to confront their personal demons and win. You may order your own copy
by making a $25.00 donation and FGGM will pay for shipping and handling fees. You
can order in Spanish or English! Over 90 illustrations by Duane are included.  
The Carpenter's Apprentice is an allegory and the Apprentice (Bemis) follows the
Master (Jesus) to the City of Despair. The apprentice is allowed to ask the Master
many life questions that will help the reader understand God's perspective in a
new way. The Master and His Apprentice go to a house that is in ruins and rebuild
the house, when the world says to demolish the house. Once the house (The
human heart) has been rebuilt then one chapter is the dedication of the house
and then the Master moves in... For a $25.00 donation FGGM will pay for
shipping and handling and FGGM will send you this book in either English or
Spanish. If you want FGGM to mail the book to a friend or relative FGGM will do.
Dr. Bemis wrote, "Death is a Part of Life" is a powerful book to help people overcome this dark
menace. Death, sooner or later touches everyone of us and it is time for each of us to see how to
handle this lost. Bemis wrote and illustrated this book from personal experiences to help others to
recover. After many years of helping others with this hidden and secret menace Dr. Bemis gives you
concrete things to help you to turn around and gain your personal victory. He knows all about death
for he was 20 years old he was in an accident that claimed the lives of 5 people 2 of which were his
own two children. Again for a $25.00 donation FGGM will pay for shipping and handling fees and
FGGM will mail it directly to you or who ever you want it mail to.
Plague of Darkness helps any reader to overcome the stronghold of pornography or any other
addiction. The church has been silent about the subject of sex and this has left a void that Satan
has filled. Satan's goal has never changed and all he wants to do is steal, kill, and destroy while
Jesus offers us life and life abundant.

This book also gives Biblical points and truths on what marriage should look like.

This literary work also teaches the one time addicted person the missing element to satisfy the
human heart or the human flesh. For a $25.00 donation FGGM will pay the shipping and handling
fees and FGGM will send you or your loved one this book.
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