Disciples, followers of Christ, former inmates are
transformed, washed, and renewed and then returned
to society. They are the fruit which remains and this is
their true life stories.
Eleazar G. Ministring now in
Matamoros, Mexico.

He and his wife minister at
churches and he translates
for USA churches when they
travel to Mexico. He and his
wife minister to poverty
stricken kids by feeding then
and teaching them about
Jesus and the Bible.

Here he is feeding the poor,
baptizing, and laying hands
on the sick..
minister in Oregon. They
youth pastors and have
made many missionary
trips to Columbia, Mexico
and Russia.

They came to Big Spring,
Texas and ministered inside
and behind the razor wire
again. We were his
chaplain's when he was
incarcerated in California.

He preached in a way only
a fellow inmate could speak
to men. He ate what they
ate, did what they did and
new the convict lingo. This
dynamic duo spoke and
ministered four times in two
days. Many salvations and
many hearts encouraged.  
worship leader in
Mexico. He was
our worship
leader when he
was in prison.
Frank P. in Lima Peru. Back in his home country as
a husband and father! Frank is ministering in a
local Peru prison of 1,800 inmates.
Adrian, is now a banker in San Pablo Brazil
Alex and his wife are directors of
Casa de paz y amor orphanage.
Dr. Bemis ministering at a Christian
School in Piedras Negras, Mexico.
Gilbert G. is now ministering in Zimbabwe Africa.
Gilbert is in the black shirt. He ministers in a local
prison to 500 inmates.
Casa de paz y amor orphanage and Drs. Bemis' with
their son and daughter-in-law came to hold the
youngest orphan.
Eliezzer in Monterrey Mexico now
married, banker, and attending an
Every Nation Church in Monterrey.
Stephen Smiley on the worship team at his local church.
Anthony carrying the cross on the
streets in Arizona with his daughter.
Anthony before Christ.
He is a former gang
member. Now a soldier
for Christ and one of our
Drs. Bemis' in Monterrey, Mexico @ an
Every Nation Church.
Such a good sight to see a father enjoying and playing with his children.