For God's Glory Ministries
in conjunction with
Vision International Leadership
is now offering a Chaplaincy Course;
become a, 'Soldier of the Cross.'
$350 total cost.
Do you hear the LORD calling you to prepare as a Chaplain? The
badge and ID will open many doors for you to minister to those on
the highways and bi-ways of life. You have the favor of God to go
into Jails, Detention Centers, State Prisons, State Hospitals,
Contact us if you are interested in attending our program to obtain
the: Chaplaincy Book, Badge & Wallet, and Identification Card. The
cost of this one day program is $350.00 send us an email and we
will notify you when the next session is going to take place.
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For more information:
Drs. Duane & Darilyn Bemis
For God's Glory Ministries
Cell: 432.816.1834

Chaplaincy Program Fruit which remains:

1. Stephen S. Lives and ministers in the Pacific Northwest,
Oregon and he is going into the local jails. He also is  a
youth Pastor with his wife. He is a former inmate our ours
from California.

2. Terri S. Ministers in Praise and Worship Dance, working
at the Dream Center in Phoenix  and feeding the homeless
recorded 25 Salvations, she and a team of three minister
at another church, Common Ground in Prescott Arizona.

3. Barbara R., Ministers in a Homeless Shelter, Dream
Center in Phoenix and at Common Ground Church in
Prescott and many prayers for the sick. Arizona

4. Mary B. Ministering at the Dream Center in Phoenix and
on Common Ground Church in Prescott Arizona.

5. Duane & Darilyn minister in churches, prisons, their
ministry is teaching, preaching, women's conferences,
teaching staff development, ministering in Mississippi,
Texas, Arizona, and Mexico. 10 missionary trips to Mexico
this year and about 400 Salvations. Many delivered
through Chaplain Darilyn's teachings on forgiveness.

6. Susan P., Angel Tree program through her church, High
School Girls home in Arizona.

7. Anthony L. Carrying the cross out on the highways and
the bi-ways in Arizona.

8. Jimmy R., Former convict and now he is touching lives
with the hope, grace, and mercy he once received at his
lowest point. Chaplain Jimmy operates out of
Midland/Odessa, Texas.

9. Jose E., Ministering in San Antonio, Texas.

10. Dr. Donald C., is operating out of Piedras Negras,
Mexico and Eagle Pass, Texas

11. Jason M., Prison Chaplain, Missionary, a awesome man
of God. Ministering in San Angelo, Big Spring, and Sterling,
TX. Recently on a missions trip to Guatamala.

12. Joanne M. Ministering in Big Spring, TX

13. Andrea C., Ministering in San Angelo, Lubbock, and Big
Spring, TX

14. Alex Z., Ministering in El Paso, Big Spring, and
throughout the world on the internet.

15. John R., Ministering in Midland and Odessa TX