Released 11/2014... Awesome tool to help anyone recover their past so they move on into their future in Christ Jesus.
The time has come to jump off of your merry-go-round of dysfunction. Why keep going around in circles, and then
ending up in the same place a few years later? We don’t care what the name of your carousel is. There is help for
you in this literary work. So what is the name or names of your personal merry-go-round? Is it:
        Divorce      
        Abuse
        Grief
        Pain
        Rape
        Rejection
        Horrific Flashbacks
        Broken relationships
        Haunting War Images
        Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
Within the pages of this book you will find a narrow road away from the corner of Trauma and Wreckage. Are you
ready? Are you man or woman enough to tackle your own heart and find the biblical prescription to complete
emotional healing? By making a $25.00 donation to FGGM you help us continue washing the Bride of Christ with the
Word of God.
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The official website of "For God's Glory Ministries" founders Drs. Duane & Darilyn Bemis.
FGGM was formed in 1993 and then licensed and ordained in 1996. Also in 1996 FGGM
became a 501-C3 Non-profit organization. FGGM Began in Lompoc, California and in
2002 the Bemis' moved to the State of Texas. In May of 2003 the Bemis found
themselves reaching the nations. The Bemis' have disciples scattered all over the World.
Disciples are in Mexico, Africa, Columbia, Peru, Jamaica, Honduras, El Salvador, Ghana
Africa, and many more. Within these men of God, transformed by the Lord Himself is 10
prison ministries, drug rehabilitation center, and one former inmate and his wife are youth
Pastors in Oregon. FGGM's in 2008 brought a Resource Center of Texas University of
Theological Studies to West, Texas area. Students are located in Arizona, Louisiana,
Texas, and Mexico. 2016-2017 FGGM is influencing pastors in Mexico, West Texas and
more. Come and be a part of Washing the Bride of Christ with the Word of God.    
For God's Glory Ministries
Preaching in Mexico
Pastor Estrada
Casa de Paz y Amor

Orphanage, Mexico
Director of the
Brokenness 2 Wholeness in Africa
Drs. Duane & Darilyn are Resourse Directors for Texas
University of Theology
Duane was in the Air Force from May 1972
to May 1976 Honourably Discharged.
Used his G.I. Bill to obtain two B.A. Degrees
and a Masters in Education.

Graduate from Vision International
University with a PH. D. In Christian
Counselling in 2007.

Now co-director with his spouse running
Texas University of Theology from
Midland/Odessa, Texas.  
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